It’s all about the Lifestyle: Music, Wine and Food.

I live it everyday…

Typical evening at home with my lovely wife Bonnie…

Turn Computer off around 6pm…Put some cool music on Pandora and turn on the speakers that are placed throughout the house…Open a bottle of Vino (Sonata of Course), sit on our screened porch(Weather permitting) catch up on the days happenings and plan for the days ahead. Then I’ll make up some little appiteasers (Bonnie’s word). After a while of chatting I’ll get dinner started, hopefully on the grill. While I am cooking and through dinner we enjoy the music, wine, food and each others company for the evening.

At least a couple times a month we add friends to the mix and it becomes a dinner party, which I so love to do. Thats one of out favorite things to do!! Its a great way to get to know new friends and catch up with old friends. Plus I get to show off my Cullen-ary Skills!!  Not really, I love to cook which makes up for the  lack of knowledge.


Watch the Tune Your Palate Blog to see current happening in my crazy life….


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